We at Vantyghem Diamonds pride our Canadian diamonds on ethically sourced and resposibly mined Canadian diamonds.  We selectively  choose our Retailers of choice to whom will also adhere to these ethical and authentic business practices.  Below you will find two Canadian certified verification processes we adhere to.  We are an approved Primary Brand holder of the CanadaMark program and a Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct Signatory.  Look for the signature diamond packaging at your local retail store, you will know the one!


The CanadaMark Program


The CanadaMark™ hallmark program provides independent verification that a diamond is of Canadian origin.

Every CanadaMark diamond is:

  • Responsibly mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories;
  • Natural and untreated;
  • Tracked through audited processes at every stage from country of origin to polished stone; and
  • Polished to meet strict quality standards.

Verify your CanadaMark diamond.



Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct


Canadian diamonds meet the requirements of the Kimberley Process and many of them can be traced back to the mine of origin. And, for Canadians, they support a new Canadian industry.  Visit the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct website for more information.



What is a Canadian Diamond?

A diamond that was mined in Canada and may be cut and polished in Canada or abroad.



What are the Benefits of this Code?

The Code establishes a minimum standard based on records and a chain of warranties required to validate a Canadian diamond claim. Retailers who abide by the Code demonstrate to consumers their commitment to ensure the authenticity of Canadian diamond claims.  The Code allows Canadian diamonds to be traced from the Canadian mine to the diamond jewellery retailer, providing consumers with a method to authenticate Canadian diamonds sold by a Code member.


Canadian Diamond Brands

Canadian diamonds are sold under a number of brands which you can view on the Canadian Diamond Brands page.


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