Diamond Certification and Authentication Plate System™


A Clear Presentation

While we relentlessly hone our art of diamond grading, we also enjoy breaking out of the mold and innovating how customers experience our products.

Working with an award-winning Canadian industrial designer, we created a complete diamond authentication and presentation system that keeps relevant grading information at a glance. It’s been proven to increase the chance of a successful sale.


Sales Simplified

Spectacular beauty and certified grading information are keys to a persuasive presentation. The Authentication Plate System™ builds trust with your customer.

Give your staff confidence in a sales environment, with a clear layout of the nuances of each diamond at hand.


Customer Focused

The innovative plate and stand design allows your customers to handle and inspect diamonds with ease, with grading certifications always at their fingertips.

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Easy Identification

All diamonds are clearly identified on their packaging and safely secured for transport internationally.


“Your diamond packaging is truly exceptional and speaks volumes about your attention to detail and the image you wish to project.”



Vantyghem Diamonds Exclusive

Currently, the Authentication Plate System™ is used with Canadian origin diamonds only. You’ll receive your Canadian diamond from us with its own uniquely engraved authentication plate.

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Retail Display Partner Program

Raise your profile and promote your brand with the Retail Display Partner Program. Included is a custom-engraved nameplate with our store name, a display cabinet base, and diamond plate risers to present your top selections.

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