Through excellence in service, we help you succeed.


A Cut Above

Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. It’s also the core of our successful business partnerships. Through prompt and efficient service, we honour our commitments to you. We provide consistency of products and service, while striving for excellence in every interaction we have.


Ethically Sourced

Working only with carefully approved and trusted diamond cutters around the world, we establish processes and qualifications to verify our sources.

We are members of the most esteemed associations in the industry, which aid us in these qualifications.  


Individually Verified

We hand-inspect every unique diamond we source. This includes a background check on all accompanying documentation and certifications.


Professionally Graded

We’ve become experts in diamond grading with over 100 combined years of experience, coupled with our Gemological Institute of America (GIA) alumni standing.

As recently appointed American Gem Society (AGS) supplier members, we adhere to strict grading ethics and continued education.

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“The staff likes the goods, the pricing, the response times, and the quick shipping.



Authentication Plate System™


While we relentlessly hone our art of diamond grading, we enjoy breaking out of the mold and innovating how customers experience our products.

Working with an award-winning Canadian industrial designer, we created a complete diamond authentication and presentation system that keeps relevant grading information at a glance. It’s been proven to increase the chance of a successful sale.


At Your Convenience

The perfect diamond doesn’t have to be hard to find, we work hard to have the goods ready for you, when your customer needs them.


Attentive Service

Just a phone call away, we are always delighted to support you in your customer needs.

We trace your special requests from our inventory base to your site, and use priority shipping services regardless of where you are located.


A Network of Experts

We’ve surrounded our company with exceptional talent, from top goldsmiths to diamond-cutting experts.  

We do our best to help you be your best.

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The Vantyghem Story

Celebrating 45 years of family, business, and life in Canada.

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